Art as a breeze or symphony.

In my own world, I feel content. Proving nothing to anyone. My favourite way to spend a day at home begins with opening windows & doors to invite the cross breeze through the house. The cross breeze is an art itself, I find. My soul gets to float. Tidying & organizing lead me to creative ideas that bring that joyful feeling to me. My sketchbook, canvases, pencils & paints are summoned just as the musicians in a symphony are ready when the arms of the conductor rise for the first notes of music. Julia Cameron wrote about the process of art being as valuable as the completion itself. Margaret Atwood said that much of writing (creativity in general) is gazing out the window, thinking. I understand & value pondering & daydreaming. It’s the unseen part of all the artwork I make.

In the Woods. Pencil crayon sketch. M.M.